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Anti-Aging and Longevity

Restore the Mental Clarity of Your Youth!

As we get older, we learn to accept graying hair, sagging skin and stiff joints. One of the most frustrating symptoms of aging is memory loss. Small pieces of information like names, specific dates or events become harder to remember.

Memory loss is prevalent amonst older men and women. Memory loss comes from lack of circulation, cerebral vascular insufficiency, lack of energy and decreased mental function. If cells and neurotransmitters are not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream, we begin to forget. Luckily, there are nutrients available that can support healthy brain function and improved memory.

The Ultimate Memory Formula™ was designed to help support memory and cognitive performance.

The Ultimate Memory Formula™ provides you with Vinpocetine and TWICE the amount of Ginkgo Biloba used in studies to support improved memory and mood. DHA and DMAE are used effectively for the best results in medical studies.

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